Tech Products Corporation manufactures elastomeric shock and vibration isolation products. Their engineers have been solving noise and vibration control problems for over 25 years. Their web site includes an online catalog of shock, vibration and noise control products, as well as application specific and technical information. Tech Products manufactures engine mounts, vibration isolators, rubber mounts, shock mounts, machine mounts and machine leveling products.
Fabreeka International is a leader in vibration and shock control technology, and offers a wide range of products for in-plant manufacturing as well as finished product applications. Fabreeka's expertise is the isolation of machines of all sizes, configurations, and operations from disturbing frequencies which cause structural and equipment damage, affect performance and create noise. Due to the diversity of the product offering, Fabreeka offers solutions to many problems encountered in manufacturing processes and design, as well as a proven track record as a supplier of vibration isolation materials. Fabreeka's broad range of products and years of experience offer the most effective solutions for any application requiring vibration isolation or shock control. Fabreeka's in-house Engineering Department is experienced at solving problems and selecting solutions.
Noise Suppression Technologies is a growing manufacturer of sound absorbers and dampers, whose primary objective is solving noise problems for commercial, institutional and industrial applications. NST solves problems in applications where current installations are deemed too harsh, where a complete rebuild is not a viable solution. NST's expertise is in the containment and abatement of reverberant noise with a wide range of products such as acoustic baffles, blankets, barriers, curtains and absorbers. NST products are engineered to particular applications for cost effective problem solving.
Advance Thermal Corporation is an innovative manufacturer of reusable/removable insulation jackets for acoustical and thermal application. ATC's materials are used in industries where insulation is required, but access to equipment or piping is necessary. The obvious benefit is to allow insulation removal and replacement with no special tools or training. ATC's jackets are custom made to the particular piping, valving, or vessel configuration to insure correct application design.
Polymer Technologies Incorporated is a leading manufacturer of sound absorbers, barriers and vibration damping materials, as well as related industrial foam composites. PTI is active in many industrial markets and has developed a reputation for excellent customer service, product quality and technical support. The in-house Engineering Department at PTI is capable of providing solutions to any noise or heat related problems in your products. PTI's specialty is designing a system that can provide you with the sound attenuation to fit your needs at a cost-effective price.

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